We’re not excited about project management. Or managing people. Frankly, it’s mostly bullshit. We’re building this tool to acknowledge that fact that although we can’t cure it, we can put a name to it, and avoid it like the plague.

Bullshit.do is for the reluctant PM. A simple tool to “compose” projects you need to manage. It starts simple. It gets as “enterprise” as your bs meter can handle. 

Let us help you deal with the nonsense, the busywork, the perplexing requests, the questionable business objectives, and the helpless colleagues, with a gentle reminder that, in the end, it’s all bs.

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Here are some of the hair-pulling, mind-numbing PM tools that you can look at, buy, and then drive yourself to a mental institution to get yourself a full-frontal lobotomy.

asana – from the assholes who gave you facebook

monday – “you could use trello and a calendar, but our children’s color scheme helps ease your depression… or does it?”

jira – 7th level of hell for software developers

trello – “i told you! it’s in the ‘in progress’ column! ”

pivotal tracker – the original bad-boys of agile

basecamp – huh? still around?

Or, just use Bullshit.do.